Circuito MTB de Favelas, Brazil

Polc confirmed the role of favorite in Rio de Janeiro

Urban downhill racing in South America enjoys high popularity. Rio de Janeiro hosts 4 urban downhill races within the Circuito MTB de Favelas series. The first event came to the Favela called Morro da Providencia.

Circuito de Favelas 2015 - DHU ProvidenciaResults in Pro category:

1. Filip Polc (SVK) 1:33.429
2. Muriel Francisco Lohn (BRA) 1:33.865
3. Eduardo Oliveira (BRA) 1:36.175
4. Djone Formari (BRA) 1:38.421
5. Gabriel Lopes Nunes (BRA) 1:39.170

For results in other categories visit the official facebook page of the event.

Circuito de Favelas 2015 - DHU Providencia

The trail was 700 meters long, sometimes it was difficult to ride through the narrowest parts. The hardest part on the track contained tons of stairs ending with huge drop off.

Next stop within Circuito MTB de Favelas moves to Morro do Turano on May 3. Stay tuned for more from Brazil.

Headcam footage from Gabriel Lopes Nunes:

Video from the event:

Source: EC blog



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