Przemysl, Poland

Polish rider Slawomir Lukasik won in Przemysl

We already know results of Downtown Przemysl. Forty eight riders came to the South-Eastern Polish town. This year’s the quickest rider Slawomir Lukasik won by two seconds.


Podiums in Elite category:

  1. Slawomir Lukasik (PLN) 1:17.80
  2. Mateusz Kostusiak (PLN) 1:20.75
  3. Maciej Jodko (PLN) 1:20.91


The track was designed for riders who were best prepared in terms of fitness. First half of the track was different from last year. Riders had to pedal hardly from the beginning through a city park. After two banked turns riders reached the town centre and after couple of jumps and stairs reached the final section which contained of a jump landing on a set of stairs following with another set of staris finally ending with a huge jump with landing to finish line.

Enjoy headcam footage:

It was a great race after all and has a potential to become part of the City Downhill World Tour 2016.

Photo: Pawel Misko and Bike Town Przemysl

Source: Bike Town Przemysl


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