Falmouth, United Kingdom

Urban downhillers competed in Falmouth university campus

Falmouth university campus is annual venue for urban downhill races. The very first race in Falmouth, southwestern English town, was organised in April 2013. Since then the event grew bigger and better. Overall 97 riders registered in different categories – from Ripper boys to Veteran men. Women and Hardtail category could not miss as well.

James Greenaway entering stairs section.
11032598_293727437418185_555658130526172254_oTyde d’Souza, the quickest woman in the category, jumping off the last set of stairs in the section.

11169924_968187996547009_5677199425186416570_nJames Whitby pulling trick on jump over hay bales on his hardtail – overall 9th place.

11141320_832151596821633_397851922617382304_oPatch Harris pulling world-class whip on big jump – overall 27th place.

10989219_293727750751487_6666962684027368121_oDaniel COX on stairs section.

11053054_293726600751602_7735033605402833865_oAnd now the overall podiums!

11143326_418200475025627_8989107463773644778_nOverall race results are:

  1. Josh Everest (GBR) 1:25.098 [Masters]
  2. James Farrow (GBR) 1:26.993 [Masters]
  3. Clinton Johns (GBR) 1:27.867 [Hardtail]

For results in different categories please visit Rootsandrain.com.

Weather was perfect and organizers did great job managing this event.

Video from the race:

Video from Chough productions:

Headcam footage from Charlie Millman – 42th place:

Chest footage from Ross Dickinson – 30th place:

Photo: Felix Northover Photography, Andrea from Greasebugs GearCarrick Riders

Source: Carrick Riders


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