Przemysl, Poland

Video report: Downhill City Tour Przemysl

Riders and crowd were pleased when urban downhill race in Przemysl was reborn in 2017 as a part of Downhill City Tour. Being very popular until 2015, riders expected the same quality of event. The second year after reborn attracted UK’s urban downhill specialist, Ben Moore.

Overall results:

  1. Ben Moore (GBR) 01:50.05
  2. Mateusz Kostusiak (PLN) 01:52.71
  3. Bartosz Giemza (PLN) 01.54.31
  4. Remek Oleszkiewicz (PLN) 01:56.53
  5. Maciej Jodko (PLN) 01.57.90

Official video highlights:

TV spot:

Record from live stream:

Photo: Downhill City Tour


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