Circuito MTB de Favelas, Brazil

Wallace Miranda won last race of Circuito MTB de Favelas series

Last stop of Circuito MTB de Favelas took place in Rio’s district Vila Operaria. The track had only one stairs section which is not common in South America, but it was still mostly flowy and interesting enough. Starting point of the track was on containers as shown below.


Racers had to drop off into wooden landing in couple of seconds.


The drop from another point of view.


After couple of seconds riders were approaching next jump.


Quickly followed by wooden berm.


Sometimes simple is the best.


Riders were pulling some style on jumps.


Finish line was designed after couple more jumps, turns and a stairs section.

Overall podiums:

  1. Wallace Miranda (BRA) 1:20.559 (Pro)
  2. Breno Santos (BRA) 1:21.245 (Expert)
  3. Joao Paulo Caramez (BRA) 1:22.181 (Expert)
  4. Junior Leite (BRA) 1:22.368 (Expert)
  5. Igor Carvalho (BRA) 1:23.429 (Expert)

For all results in different categories visit

If you have not seen previous races, check report from DHU Providencia, DHU TuranoDHU Vidigal.

Headcam footage from Leandro Bergab:


Photo: Leandro Martins

Source: Circuito MTB de




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