Przemysl, Poland

Video report: Downhill City Tour Przemysl

Riders and crowd were pleased when urban downhill race in Przemysl was reborn in 2017 as a part of Downhill City Tour.┬áBeing very popular until 2015, riders expected the same quality of event. The second year after reborn attracted UK’s urban downhill specialist, Ben Moore.

Overall results:

  1. Ben Moore (GBR) 01:50.05
  2. Mateusz Kostusiak (PLN) 01:52.71
  3. Bartosz Giemza (PLN) 01.54.31
  4. Remek Oleszkiewicz (PLN) 01:56.53
  5. Maciej Jodko (PLN) 01.57.90

Official video highlights:

TV spot:

Record from live stream:

Photo: Downhill City Tour


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