Cieszyn, Poland

Video report: Dual City Tour Cieszyn

Polish urban downhill races started with a dual race. With a well-known venue, Cieszyn, expectations were high and clear. High-level organization and short, but difficult pedally track suited mostly hardtails, with an exception of difficult narrow stairs section.


After a few ups and downs, the dual tree came to 4 riders: Orange star Ben Moore, very fast local rider Gustav Dadela, Poslish urban DH legend Jakub Wicher and Tomasz Raszyk.



  1. Ben Moore 1:18.38
  2. Gustaw Dadela 1:18.65

Small finals:

  1. Tomasz Raszyk 1:21.05
  2. Jakub Wicher 1:22.18

Official highlights:

Read more at full report.

Photo: Downhill City Tour


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